During my Google Summer of Code project I implemented message search for Dino, a XMPP client focusing on ease of use and security.

Try it out

My pull request has been merged and is included in the latest builds on OBS. Try it out and report issues! :) Thanks to my mentors, GNOME and Google for this great GSoC experience!

Last days of GSoC

I added an option to get back to the end of a conversation. A button offering this functionality appears as soon as the conversation isn’t scrolled all the way down anymore. This is handy after one clicked on a search result and ended up far up the conversation. Furthermore, I finished auto completion for search filters. This allows for way easier usage of filter terms, as you don’t have to write full addresses anymore. The auto-completion also searches in names, so in case you don’t know the corresponding address by heart, it still is easy to use.