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Dino 0.4 Release

Reactions, replies and port to GTK4

The 0.4 release adds support for message reactions and replies. We also switched from GTK3 to GTK4 and make use of libadwaita now.
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Dino 0.3 Release

Video calls and conferences - encrypted and peer-to-peer

The 0.3 release is all about calls. Dino now supports calls between two or more people! Calls are end-to-end encrypted and use a direct connection between the peers whenever possible.
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Dino 0.2 Release

Mexican Caribbean Coral Reefs

The 0.2 release adds message correction, improves the file upload functionality and provides more information about message encryption. Besides other smaller changes it also fixes a number of bugs.
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Setting out for calls and conferences

Video calls have become a widely used means of communication in personal and in business settings. Especially during the last months, people increasingly used video calls to keep in touch. Unfortunately, many turn to US-based, centralized and closed-source solutions that come with privacy and security issues.
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Dino 0.1 Release

We are thrilled to announce the first release of Dino: Version 0.1. This marks an important milestone of the development process that started three years ago and already combined work of 30 contributors, including 4 summer of code students and multiple development sprints.
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